Friday, February 26, 2010

The History Channel Trick

In an age that unworships at the non-altar of the relative experience, I recommend co-opting a trick perfected by the History Channel, both for some of their more standard history programs and their whack-a-doo pseudohistory programs, such as the "prophecies" of mystics, or the alien origins of the pyramids, or alien ghost autopsies, or whatever.

It is five magic words:

"There are those who say..."

Throw these in any time you would like to make an outrageous claim without any footing. It will sound authoritative and mildly suggestive that those who disagree will find themselves in an impossible situation.


~Simply Me~ said...

I used to try and use that phrase in my college papers, but the professors always have a comment for it on my paper "Who?". Darn it!

XDPaul said...

The proper response is: "You, of all people, ought to know!"